Buy My Time

When you Buy My Time you are purchasing blocks of hours during which we can address specific design questions or challenges beyond the Initial Consultation. This service is geared to our hands-on clients who may not want or need Full Service Design or a Design Plan but are looking for design advice and direction relative to a specific need.

How it works?

Hours are sold in blocks of 10 hours of time. When purchasing Buy My Time hours, we will agree on the scope of how those hours will be used and over what period of time prior to purchase. As we work on your project, we will deduct time from your account as we use it. Any hours not used after 45 days from purchase will expire. Our service ends when no time is remaining even if the project is not complete. You are certainly welcome to purchase more than one block of 10 hours if desired. This ensures we are available when you need us!

Here are some examples of how we might help you using our "Buy My Time” Service:

Advice for furniture arrangement in a challenging space

Selection of materials and finishes for your home remodel

Repurposing the items you already own

Feedback on builder or contractor's plans

Staging advice to get your home ready to sell

Floor plans or renderings for renovation projects

Please Note: If the scope of your project is too large to handle through Buy My Time, Full Service Design is available as outlined HERE.

Buy My Time Design Fees

Price = $1,350 for 10 hour block of time

Buy My Time hours are sold based on Designer’s availability and discretion.