What our clients are saying...

“Working with Heather was amazing! We had recently bought a home in the neighborhood we loved but did not love our house. The main living areas - the kitchen and family room - were dark and uninviting. It was a new home so we weren't looking to completely renovate the kitchen yet. Heather helped us with color selections for the cabinets and woodwork along with changing out the hardware. What an amazing difference! She also picked out beautiful light fixtures and furniture while also using what we already had and tying it all together! From the 1st day we spoke about what we wanted to the day it was all completed, it was wonderful. Heather totally nailed it. Now we have a home we love and I love spending time in these rooms admiring everything! I whole-heartedly recommend Heather to anyone seeking design services. I can't wait to have Heather work on our next project!

Heather C, Marietta, GA

"I have lived in my house for almost fifteen years and have worked with many designers on different projects over the years. After seeing the gorgeous projects she did for a friend of mine, I called Heather for a consult to "finish" many of the rooms in my house that just didn't fit the vibe I was going for.

During our first meeting, Heather immediately seemed to get what I was going for. Before she provided her initial proposal, she called to talk through some options for me to consider that would ultimately save me thousands of dollars just by moving my existing furniture to different places. (Why didn't I think of that?!)

When we got to the selection phase, I felt like Heather nailed it. It was easy to make the final selections, and she worked hard to ensure I didn't spend money unnecessarily if she could reuse something or offer cost-conscious options. She was easy to work with and incredibly responsive. Installation day came sooner than I had anticipated and she executed flawlessly. Her taste is impeccable - and she understood what was most important to us. I love how she pulled everything together, and my house is so much more warm and inviting now than it was before. I hope I never work with another designer other than her.

My 10-year-old daughter peeked at the house before I got home, and she ran outside to tell me how amazing our house looked. When I asked her later what her favorite part of the project was, she said "the designer." Now she wants to save her money so Heather will tackle her room next!"

Libby P, Atlanta, GA


“My husband and I still can’t believe our master bedroom is ours! It looks like one of those rooms you see in a magazine - and yet, it’s amazingly comfortable. That’s what I love about working with Heather. She takes so much time to get a feel for what’s important to her clients. She seamlessly blends textures and, in our case, very subtle color to create a room that’s both finished and personal. I still laugh about telling her my husband wanted to be involved in the process. It’s not that he’s fancy - far from it! He wanted to make sure everything was super cozy. And in the process, we both discovered he had a “thing” about lamps - LAMPS! But when I opened the doors to show him what Heather had created, I’ll never forget what he said. He said, “I never knew we didn’t really have a room until now.” I can’t think of a better compliment and I can’t thank Heather enough for making our master bedroom so special.”

MA D., Atlanta, GA

"We love working with Heather. We came as the most difficult clients…we didn’t even know what style we liked, my husband and I disagreed on some design aspects, and our budget was conservative. We had some items that had to stay and young children to consider, so design restrictions were tight.

Heather listened to all our needs and helped us identify a fun, functional style that works well for a busy household. She made bold suggestions that now make our home much more livable. My favorite part of working with Heather is that she takes the time to teach me what works and helps me to understand her recommendations, so that I have an understanding of the design elements.

The simple, elegant design we now have has been a pleasure to implement. Heather allowed us to ‘DYI’ as much or as little as we want, allowing us to invest in sweat equity to make our budget stretch a little further and giving us the opportunity for some personal touches. She came in right on budget and made suggestions that allow us to purchase items under retail prices for additional savings. Had I undertaken this project on my own, many ‘mistakes’ would have cost thousands more than Heather’s fees and design elements. She literally saved us so much time, energy, and money.

We love our new design! Our experience with Heather has been the best decision we made since moving into our house. With her help, it is becoming a true family home that our children will fondly remember.”

Ellen H, Marietta, GA

“I could not have been happier with Heather’s services and love our new family room and kitchen! Having worked previously with other designers, Heather was more efficient from start to finish, proactive, responsive, fun and never the least bit pushy. She can work within any budget and always offered us options at different price points. She has a great eye and talent and found things for us everywhere from HomeGoods to online retailers to high-end designer boutiques.

We gave her a handful of wishes and she listened and executed our project beautifully while involving us only as needed, as we had requested. As a working mom, I have little time to shop or wait on deliveries and Heather was always willing to arrange schedules and be available when I was not. She presented our design plan and once we made our choices, she executed our project flawlessly. I can’t wait to start on our next space with Orchid House Interiors! “

Christine M, Sandy Springs, GA

“I moved from a large suburban home to an in-town condo with less than half the square footage. This was quite a lifestyle change, welcomed, but requiring a complete rethinking of living space. I had another decorator at the beginning and, although the condo was very pretty, it lacked “depth.” It was not warm, or welcoming and I was not comfortable in my own home.

Then I met Heather! A friend had recommended that I call her for a consult and I knew from our first meeting that she was going to make a big difference. She listened to me, got to know me and my tastes and quirks and then went to work on both the design and acquisition of pieces that would complete my condo. (She even hung pictures on the wall!) Magic! Heather utilized the existing furnishings, added new ones, resurrected pieces from my last home and arranged everything in such a way as to make me smile every time I enter my new place. Home! Thank you, Heather!!”

Laura T, Atlanta, GA