The Transforming Power of Paint

The other day a friend called and said “I’m painting several rooms in my house, what colors do you like?”  It is by far the most common question I am asked.  My answer to this question has always been (without hesitation) “it depends.”  Choosing paint colors can be challenging!  The right paint color depends on so many different factors.  Do you want soft and soothing, strong and bold or somewhere in between?  How much natural and artificial light is in the room?  What furniture, fabrics, and art do you plan to use in the room?  Do you have kids who put their dirty fingers on the walls?  Paint color can make a huge transformation in any room.  But a color that looks amazing in one house might look anything but amazing in YOUR house.

Awhile back, I did a consultation for a new client. She and her husband asked me for some ideas to update their family/TV room.  They asked for my thoughts on the furniture arrangement, fabrics, accessories, etc.  But by the end of the appointment, they had not mentioned the dark wood judges paneling that was smothering their room.  The dark brown wood paneling that was the backdrop for their brown sofa, brown wood floors, brown rug, dark brown leather chair, and dark wood side tables.   Needless to say, they liked brown.  Or so they thought.  When I realized they weren’t going to mention it, I asked if they would consider painting the judges paneling.  My client looked at her husband and his face turned to one of alarm.   There is something about painting wood that makes some men cringe!  It took some time and some inspiration photos but they ultimately agreed that the paneling should be painted.  Here’s the paneling:

 FullSizeRender (2)
Once I got the go-ahead, I got out my paint swatches and I was off!  But everything I was trying was either too muddy, too grey, too stark, too yellow or too dark.  Finally I came across SW Maison Blanche.  On the swatch it might look like an ordinary beige but in this room it is anything but!  With the new paint color,  a new layout and some new accessories and finishing touches, this room has been completely transformed!
IMG_0758IMG_0759Since I took these photos, we have also added a new rug and art on the walls to finish the room.  Are you ready to make a transformation in your home?  I’d love to help!

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