Pillow Talk

Oh wow!  Where does time go?  Between projects and clients and the end of the school year and summer baseball, I feel like I haven’t been able to sit down to write on the blog!


Today I have a confession to make.  “My name is Heather Brown and I have an obsession with pillows.”  Seriously.  I went into Homegoods the other day to return something and I told myself at least three times “do not go down the pillow aisle.”  Sure enough, I wasn’t in there for more than 10 minutes and I got totally sucked in.  I DID NOT have time for this!  I had no place for these fun colorful pillows but they caught my eye and I found myself imaging them on a white slip-covered sofa in a beach cottage.  I forced myself to walk away!

Seriously though, I obsess over pillows.  They can make a boring room come alive.  I did a mini makeover on a client’s keeping room awhile back.  The client had a green and burgundy rug and wanted to keep it for now.  I found these gorgeous embroidered pillows!  They were totally out of the budget but I knew they would make the room so I cut back on the budget for everything else to squeeze them in!
Here’s a glimpse of the before and after:
Then there are these inexpensive embroidered beauties I found at a big box retailer.  They look like $200 pillows but they were only $30. I bought them for a client’s master bedroom makeover but the client ended up buying a new house and they didn’t work in the new master.  I’ve tried to return them but I can’t bring myself to do it!  Stay tuned and I bet you’ll see them surface in one of my projects this year.
I found these pillows at Nadeau in Buckhead.  Who knew Nadeau carried pillows?  Not me.  I’m kicking myself for not buying a few.  I would have totally designed an entire room around these gorgeous pillows. I especially love the vibrant orange and green ones.
Did you know that blue is very hot right now?  Every shade of blue!  I have been working on a client’s living room and we decided on soft blues as accent colors.  I was in Pier1 the other day and was throwing pillows all over the place until I settled on some of these pretty blue pillows.
Need a few tips to give your pillows that high-end designer look?  When you can, use feather/down inserts that are 1-2 inches LARGER than your actual pillow cover to make them look nice and full.  The inserts make a HUGE difference.  I often look for inexpensive pillows with a zipper and then switch out the poly or synthetic insert.
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